Leg Day

"Rey is so good at everything that it doesn't even make sense. How can she use the force so well without learning anything? Stupid. I'm not sexist. You're the one who brought up gender."

I don't know, ask Luke. He used the force to change the course of his torpedos in the first movie, and force pulled his lightsaber in the cave before ever meeting Yoda. Why is it so hard to believe that Rey knew how to fight, and also had a solid understanding of mechanics when she's spent her entire life on her own, scavenging through crashed starships? Why would she carry that staff with her everywhere if she hadn't trained to use it at some point? And in The Force Awakens, we clearly see she knows how to fight when she takes out the thieves trying to take BB8.

You Be the Judge

One of my favorite shots from Death Valley. Definitely worth reposting. 

The redesign is more complete now. I've added an Australia gallery which is some of my earliest photography from before I tried to be slightly more serious about taking photos (I'm still not that serious, for the record). The home page has been changed, and I've been going through each gallery and getting rid of all the old watermarked stuff and generally trying to pick better photos and doing a little better editing on them. 

I'm also trying a different way of presenting each gallery. Go check it out and leave a comment about whether or not it's aesthetically interesting. 

Unclear if Repost

It's been so long since I consistently blogged that I can't remember if I've already posted certain shots before. However, it doesn't really matter because having followed National Geographic on Instagram for a while, I know that even my favorite photographers repost some of the same images several times a year. 

This was part of a graduation photoshoot I did for a friend at Berkeley. He played the carillon while he was there so we did a shoot up in the tower and I was pretty happy with how it turned out considering portraits aren't typically my thing.