Photo a Day - Hardly Strictly Day 1

I went to the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival yesterday. It's a pretty neat thing going on in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and they get all sorts of great artists to play, and it's free! Even Steve Martin is playing at the festival, so I guess it's kind of a thing. 


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America's Cup

From now on, I'll try to keep up a habit of posting an image a day.  

Today I found myself in San Francisco, watching a boat race between New Zealand and America as part of America's Cup, which is a thing I guess. It is in fact a very big thing, judging by the number of people, the number of helicopters, the number of television screens, and the price of the tacos - $12. They'd better be some fantastic tacos.  

America lost by the way. 

America's Cup

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