I forgot to bring my flash drive with the edited shots from Korea, so here are some shots from India that I still haven't put up, or that have only been on Instagram. Or maybe I've put them up already and I just forgot. They aren't in any particular chronological order, or even from the same city. All shot on Moto X 2014.

If you guessed that this wood is for burning corpses, you are correct. If you're curious about what they look like while they're burning, why are you wondering that?

Kolkata airport I believe.

Breakfast in Agra the day of our departure. You might be able to see the Taj Mahal to the left in this panorama. 

Some breakfast we had in this cool resort mountain. We stayed in some old British colonial mansion which was extravagant and fancy, as you can probably tell by the picture. It was very nice and fancy and there wasn't any hot water in the shower so I got to wash off with buckets which I was actually quite fond of.