The "suspicious package"

Once again, my path was blocked by caution tape. This time it was for a suspicious package, and it also kept me from getting home. I had the distinct pleasure of standing on Bancroft for an hour and a half while they brought at the robot to poke around the package. I'd like to note that was the worst evacuation I've ever seen. I was told I couldn't go into my building, but I saw all sorts of people standing in front of shops on that block of Telegraph just chilling and the police weren't telling them to leave. So what was all the fuss over?

Just a friendly neighborhood suitcase

Just a suitcase. I'm guessing it probably belongs to one of the many homeless people who cart around suitcases around here. The cop I talked to said that nobody even phoned it in, and that his "Lieutenant decided that it was suspicious."  Another wonderful adventure in the life of Kyle. 

I did however learn that the University of California has their own bomb unit and that they actually serve a lot of the bay area. I also learned that they don't send out the bomb unit for every suspicious package, so I don't know why this one was particularly special.