The Power of Editing

This is kind of a touristy shot, but whatever. That's not really the point. Actually, I guess it should be. Oh well. Anyway, I've noticed this odd fear of editing in my photography class. Maybe fear isn't the right word, but some people in there act like it's the devil and seem think that as soon as a photograph has been edited, it is no longer any good. I don't really think that's a good way of looking at it. The only sort of editing I'm opposed to is cutting and pasting entirely new bits into a picture, because at that point it's not as representative of the scene or the moment which is what I personally love about photography. Anyhow, I edited today's picture four different ways (the first is unedited) to show how the mood can entirely change based on the edit and also to show how dull the unedited shot is.

Now, it's certainly quite possible to capture a photograph and have it look good without any editing at all, but I personally think that any picture can be made to look even better with at least a little editing. Even if it's just a slight boost in the contrast and sharpness, or a little saturation bump. 

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Also, just because it's funny: