The One Where Kyle Tries Desperately to Win a Photo Contest

While I was poking about the internet, I came across a contest that would conveniently allow me to win a free camera that I was curious about trying but not curious enough to spend many dollars on. Naturally I scrambled to assemble some of my best (or at least my personal favorites) that matched the given theme which was: ~Capture the Moment~

Because the theme is fairly vague and pretty much any photograph is capturing a moment in time, and over 30k images have been entered, there is quite the range, but the overarching theme seems to be poor quality (both in content and technique). Like a flip phone quality photo of a guy on the toilet, or bad phone HDR, or a screenshot of a photo of a dog. However, even in 29k of those photos are like that, there's still such a small chance of winning, even with the best I can offer both because photography is totally subjective (good evidence coming from a blurry, poorly composed photo of a puddle in a street with some mud and weeds getting twice as many ~likes~ as any of the other significantly better photos I saw posted), and because there's always going to be that one person who is much better. 

Anyway, here are the images that I entered. I'll get back to posting images from India on Thursday.