New Year, New Post

2017 wasn't my year. Shortly after my last post I was diagnosed with colon cancer which derailed all of my plans. But it's 2018, and 12 rounds of chemo and two surgeries later, I'm hopefully cancer free and getting ready to pick up where I left off, if I can remember exactly where that was. But I'll start my return with a new post! This photo is already on Instagram, but at least here you can see it in higher quality!

I shot this in San Francisco City Hall. As you can see, it's a popular place to go to get your marriage license. 


I posted this on Instagram the other day but this version doesn't have that stupid forced square crop! In other news, the two of you that make it to these posts may have noticed that you haven't been able to click on the image to make them larger lately. Wondering why that is? Well don't ask me. Do I look like I know?

And look! Some more media! I didn't make it but you should listen to it anyway because it's fun.