Sunsets Suck

I'm cheating today. Many of you have already seen this photo because I've posted it on my Facebook photography page, it's my main page cover photo, and I even posted it on my website back in September, but I'm quite a big fan of it so I hope nobody minds me sharing it. It's also not in the store so I suppose I can change that. I'm also working on the new email subscription thing, so I need daily posts for a bit to get that whole thing figured out and working properly. So uh, enjoy. 

Venice. Which is in Italy. Which is in Europe. Which I guess also has sunsets. 

I also have this video that I made and uploaded a while ago. It was for a contest but I never submitted it because I was kind of dissatisfied with it. I just watched through it again and felt very self-conscious because of my very poorly executed use of the After Effects warp stabilizer. Whenever I see other people so obviously using it, I harshly judge them, yet here I am doing the same. So anyway, watch this video and feel free to harshly judge me for my poor attempt at making my absurdly shaky video slightly better.   

Photo a Day - Venice Take Two

I've been working on sorting, keywording, and cleaning my files lately so I've been coming across a lot of stuff that I've never published before (at least not that I can remember). There are all sorts of hidden gems tucked away in year old folders, and here is one of them. I put together this panorama and it turned out rather well.  

The beauty of a sunset in Venice. 

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