San Francisco Bay

Bay Bridge: The Sequel

Fun trivia that I learned from the website for the new Transbay Terminal (I'll attach a video of the architecture at the end because it's gorgeous): back when the Bay Bridge was first build, there were electrified tracks built on the bottom deck for commuter trains, and there was actually also an electrified interurban railroad that stretched all the way from Chico to Oakland. What this means is that you could just hop on an electric commuter train in Sacramento and ride it to San Francisco with a simple transfer in Oakland. There was also apparently another line on that service (the Sacramento Northern Railway) that connected Woodland to Sacramento which means I could have been taking a train to Sac City instead of driving every day. Of course, like all other forms of decent public transportation here, it was killed off in favor of the automobile. I'd much rather sit on a train and read the paper or play Tetris than drive and get in car crashes, but I guess that's just me.

Err... anyway, here's the picture...  

Also, I was at work last night and before showing up, I had no idea what it was. Upon arriving, I learned that HBO was there premiering two episodes of the show and that the star of it would be there doing a Q&A session. I'd never heard of the guy, but apparently he's fairly popular and the audience was madly in love with him. His name is Chris Lilley, if any of you know him. The thing ended up being a nightmare because my boss queued the wrong episode, so I played about three minutes of the episode before getting a call on the radio that it was the wrong episode and that I had to shut off this thing that the 400 person audience had been waiting for and start the other episode. Then, about halfway through the second episode, the file on the computer decided that it was tired of life, so it died which angered the crowd. Thankfully there was a DVD backup, but a big, annoyed crowd is terrifying.  

They also had security there from HBO (they were wearing fancy suits and looked like the kind of guys who could make you disappear) and they hired additional security to make sure nobody was filming or pirating the episodes or anything. So basically, it was kind of high profile and because of that, stressful. I guess they were handing out these Roku streaming boxes to everybody in the audience and I ended up getting two which is pretty cool. I guess they're like $80 each, so it was a pretty good deal for 5 hours of work.

Finally, here's that video I mentioned at the very beginning of the post about the new Transbay Terminal and stuff. It's really, really pretty. 

Variations on a Forest

This is kind of similar to a post from the other night... or maybe it was last week. I don't know. I stopped keeping track of time. Anyway, I figured an artsy title might distract everybody from the fact that it's basically the same picture. 

If you use your imagination, you can see a forest. I know I do.

Bridge to Bridge (and new pages)

Here's a pretty neat panorama of the bay at night. I was out there pretty late and it looked like there was a sizable group of fishers that were still hanging out on that pier doing their fishing with light up nets or something. It was actually pretty cool to see the light underwater. You might even be able to make them out in the panorama, but I had to compress it quite a bit so it would actually fit on the website, so the quality is somewhat low.

Long exposure panorama of the San Francisco Bay at night.

If you've been on the site lately, you'll hopefully have noticed the redesign. I've been putting a lot of effort into reorganizing everything and adding new images in addition to re-editing the old. I hope it has created a more structured and accessible experience for everybody. Today I added a new gallery, the adventure gallery, which includes the above panorama and all sorts of backpacking shenanigans. 

Adventure time!

Adventure time!

There's also the new travel page, which contains all of the photos from my time in Europe, conveniently organized based on their location! You may have seen most of them before, but I've added several new photos that even I hadn't seen before, so please go through and check them out again if you haven't already!  England is still a work in progress. There are so many photos to sort through.

England is still a work in progress. Naturally I had way more photos in that set.

England is still a work in progress. Naturally I had way more photos in that set.

Last but not least is the new projects page. I'm somewhat of a stranger to the concept of photographic projects, but I'm going to try to do them in some sort of effort to continue learning the art of photography. 

Scary, ain't it?

Scary, ain't it?

That's it for today. I really do hope you all enjoy these pictures, new and old. Thank you for viewing and reading! 

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