Best of Fall 2013

Okay, so I'm a little late. Everybody else did their best of lists a few days ago, but I didn't access to my computer at that point. I briefly skimmed through my photos from this past semester about an hour ago, hastily selected some shots, hastily edited them, and then exported them. To be honest, I was just feeling pretty lazy and I spent a couple hours editing some portraits earlier so I really didn't feel like paying attention to all of the details in these edits. Did I miss some good pictures in creating this list? Absolutely! Can I be bothered to do a second pass to find any good photos I missed? No way. Will I do better in creating my Spring 2014 list? We can only hope.

Dude. It's 2014. Whoa! 

I think I jumped the gun with my last list. I think some of those pictures might have actually belonged on this list, but I can't do anything about that now. I mean, I totally could, but I'm not going to. I should note that some of these might not be the "best" photos, but they are my personal favorites.

Life and Death

I was at the Mountain View Cemetery this morning to gather data for a project in my archaeology class when I came across this incredibly majestic grave marker. Whoever it was must have been pretty important. Naturally, I wasn't carrying my real camera because I never am when I come across cool stuff like this, so once again I had to use my Nexus 4 camera. While it actually does have a pretty decent camera on it, it's nowhere near as good as I'd like it to be and unfortunately, it looks like the new Nexus 5 hasn't really made any improvements on the camera front. If only Google could get Nokia to build a Nexus device, but that'll never happen now that Microsoft owns Nokia.  

The juxtaposition of the sun with the grave probably has some artistic significance, you know, if you're into analyzing art and whatever. I just thought it looked neat. 

Telegraph - 66th to Dwight

So this is me pretending to be an artist. I spent a little while walking down Telegraph from 66th Street to Dwight Way. I would like to have gone all the way to Bancroft, but it was awkward enough for me to take all of the pictures I did on the sparsely populated sidewalks between 66th and Dwight. Initially I had hoped to take a long enough panorama that I could split it up and stack it into segments that were so small that you couldn't actually distinguish anything. Maybe next time. If you want to go through it in order, it starts at the top right and goes to the bottom left. 

I also created this short video because I figured that if I had a sequence of perfectly aligned photos, I might as well make a nice journey down Telegraph out of it. Sooooo.... here is is? 


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