Northern California

The Puppy Bowl Was Probably a Better Game

Did anyone else watch the Super Bowl? I'm sorry if you did. I ended up working a shift at the International House that involved setting up a TV, projector, a couple of speakers, and then sitting back and watching the game. In retrospect, I wish I had turned down the shift. It was like watching bulldozers rolling over sleeping clowns. 

Witness Tiffany receive more tetanus than the Denver Broncos received points! 


I don't actually think those are jellies because they didn't sting either of us, but I needed I title so I chose what they most resemble. I guess I could also title this "Thimbles" because they totally look like thimbles, but I didn't. I guess we'll all just have to live with that fact.

That said, if anybody knows what those things are, leave a comment or something. 

I admit that I wouldn't eat those with peanut butter.

The Final Frontier

Guys, guys. Look! It's the Milky Way! Our galaxy! We're part of that! SPACE! IT'S SO COOL.

I know this isn't even a great shot of the Milky Way or anything, but I don't care. I'm so excited that I finally got something that turned out.

Winter Isn't Coming

I was camping for the last few days up in Northern California at Mattole Beach, the North trailhead of the Lost Coast trail. I was finally able to get a picture of the Milky Way that actually sort of turned out, but I'm still working on getting it to look presentable, so tonight, I present to you a standard picture of a setting sun over the ocean. 

I do quite like sunsets

And for bonus points, a GIF of some waves or something, I don't know.