Nikon D7000

You Be the Judge

One of my favorite shots from Death Valley. Definitely worth reposting. 

The redesign is more complete now. I've added an Australia gallery which is some of my earliest photography from before I tried to be slightly more serious about taking photos (I'm still not that serious, for the record). The home page has been changed, and I've been going through each gallery and getting rid of all the old watermarked stuff and generally trying to pick better photos and doing a little better editing on them. 

I'm also trying a different way of presenting each gallery. Go check it out and leave a comment about whether or not it's aesthetically interesting. 

The Power of Scheduled Posts

Making it easier to be consistent. 

This is from Death Valley in 2013.

More fun news, I'm working on yet another redesign! This one will include fancy new subscriber emails and hopefully a better-looking blog update email. Also, new subscribers will get a 40% off coupon to order any photo from this site (or even Instagram -- just paste a link from wherever you find my photos on the internet when you select that option in my online store).


Travel to cool places. Eat lots of food. Repeat. And I thought I might lose a little weight with all of the walking.

I'm not sure why I like this photo. I don't like it a lot, so it's sort of filler, but I still like it enough to actually include it.

We had lunch on the 50th floor of the building to the right. 

Uni bibimbap (Urchin)

Spicy short rib.