New Delhi

The Last of Delhi

And we'll wrap up Delhi with a couple pictures of tombs. Not too shabby, but it's not exactly the Taj Mahal of tombs. That's next. The image the top is Isa khan Niazi's tomb, and the much more impressive one on the bottom is Humayun's tomb.

Anyone notice an overplayed theme in my photos?

I thought about cutting down those trees that were blocking the view but I figured it'd be too much work for the heat

Two Star Photos of New Delhi

You can think of this as a filler episode. 

Jaipur to New Delhi was our next train journey. It was particularly hot and humid when we arrived - probably the hottest we'd experienced so far, and the air seemed fairly heavy with pollution. I'm not sure how long it had been since the last rain, the it was pretty hazy. I found myself really hoping for rain because it kept the air fairly clear for a few hours.