The Last of Delhi

And we'll wrap up Delhi with a couple pictures of tombs. Not too shabby, but it's not exactly the Taj Mahal of tombs. That's next. The image the top is Isa khan Niazi's tomb, and the much more impressive one on the bottom is Humayun's tomb.

Anyone notice an overplayed theme in my photos?

I thought about cutting down those trees that were blocking the view but I figured it'd be too much work for the heat

Two Star Photos of New Delhi

You can think of this as a filler episode. 

Jaipur to New Delhi was our next train journey. It was particularly hot and humid when we arrived - probably the hottest we'd experienced so far, and the air seemed fairly heavy with pollution. I'm not sure how long it had been since the last rain, the it was pretty hazy. I found myself really hoping for rain because it kept the air fairly clear for a few hours.

How Long Must I Wait?

Forgive my lack of posts. Trying to edit all of these photos in such a short amount of time really burnt me out. I promise to bring you a lengthy post with many photographs within a week. I have a couple things to say about this photo which I've organized into nice bullet points for your convenience:

  • This is one of the reasons I haven't posted anything. I finished it the other day and if you look closely you can tell I didn't really finish it, but rather just called it a day.
  • It is many many many photos and is a very very large file on my computer. Taking this many photos in almost a complete circle meant my camera was up to my face for rather a long time. This draws attention to you. After I finished, a man came up to me and asked me to take a picture for him, then asked me to teach him how to use his camera.
  • If you want to download it to see it in its full glory, life sucks for you. You can't! You see, if I wanted to upload this at its full size, it would take approximately the rest of time.
  • If you wanted to purchase it (hahahahaha!), I would actually finish editing out the lines which may not be apparent in this small version, but would definitely be apparent on a print on a wall.
  • Napoleon's apartment is ludicrous.

It was a good day for a panorama

Did I mention I have a Tumblr? Yes, yes I did, but I'm going to mention it again. Kyle Cameron Photography on Tumblr!

Why did I bring this up again? Because I'm about to bring up another person on Tumblr, inkyletters. I'm starting the first part of a collaborative project today with Inky Letters that will involve lettering, people, stories, photography, and video!

Where the Sky Begins

Forgive my laziness over the last couple months. I haven't been posting much at all, and I've been shooting pictures even less. I was planning on going to SF to take some pictures yesterday, but it was raining most of the day, so I ended up not going. I did however see The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was wonderful, and might be my new favorite Wes Anderson movie. Around the middle, I actually found myself wondering why people think of his movies as pretentious hipster trash. I thought about all of his other movies and I'm honestly not sure what qualifies them as pretentious. They are all comedies and feature big name actors. The dialogue is generally straight forward and the plots are the same and aren't particularly convoluted or hard to understand. There isn't any underlying message, or dark and moody tone. Honestly. I hate to fall on this (all too common) speculation, but do people think of it as pretentious hipster trash because it's a little different than everything else you see in the theatre? 

Shot in London, 2011. I'm pretty sure I've never posted this before. Pretty sure...

Sunsets Suck

I'm cheating today. Many of you have already seen this photo because I've posted it on my Facebook photography page, it's my main page cover photo, and I even posted it on my website back in September, but I'm quite a big fan of it so I hope nobody minds me sharing it. It's also not in the store so I suppose I can change that. I'm also working on the new email subscription thing, so I need daily posts for a bit to get that whole thing figured out and working properly. So uh, enjoy. 

Venice. Which is in Italy. Which is in Europe. Which I guess also has sunsets. 

I also have this video that I made and uploaded a while ago. It was for a contest but I never submitted it because I was kind of dissatisfied with it. I just watched through it again and felt very self-conscious because of my very poorly executed use of the After Effects warp stabilizer. Whenever I see other people so obviously using it, I harshly judge them, yet here I am doing the same. So anyway, watch this video and feel free to harshly judge me for my poor attempt at making my absurdly shaky video slightly better.   

Life in the Clouds

This was taken on a very poorly planned backpacking trip that I took a couple of winters ago. We planned it approximately two days before we left, we arrived so late on the first day that we were ultimately unable to complete our planned route, it was raining nearly the whole time, and there were feral pigs that roamed around our tents at night.

It was a lot of fun. 

Taken while backpacking in the Ventana Wilderness, near Big Sur in California. Yes, he's peeing.

You might have noticed that I've added a size option for prints as well as made the pricing scheme more reasonable/more (or perhaps less) sustainable.

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