I posted this on Instagram the other day but this version doesn't have that stupid forced square crop! In other news, the two of you that make it to these posts may have noticed that you haven't been able to click on the image to make them larger lately. Wondering why that is? Well don't ask me. Do I look like I know?

And look! Some more media! I didn't make it but you should listen to it anyway because it's fun.

Two Sides

I really hope I have the time to go out and shoot some pictures soon. 

I want to share something that I saw on Tumblr the other day as well. I think they are gorgeous and deserve to be shared. I want to stress that I DID NOT CREATE THESE. I'm linking them to the original source as well. 

EDIT: I don't know if it's just me, but the link to the original artist's website that I put on the pictures isn't working.

At the Beach

I was in Daly City yesterday to consume copious amounts of food and afterwards decided to walk to the beach to burn it off. I only had my phone with me which I regretted upon getting to the beach. It was quite an impressive beach, with some very impressive cliffs. Walking on the beach in a t-shirt because I was too warm for a sweatshirt gave me this distinct feeling that it's not actually Winter. What's that about this "polar vortex" now?

Sky High

I haven't really been out to shoot lately because of rehearsal and projects and all, but I'll try to get out next week. Maybe. Here's another photo that is already on Instagram but not on here. At least I'm pretty sure it's not on here. It's pretty low quality because it's another Nexus 4 photo, but I still think it's kind of neat. While I am somewhat satisfied with the image quality of the phone, I can't stand the lens flare that occurs with most cell phone cameras. Something about it just drives me nuts, but I'm also just picky about lens flare.