You Be the Judge

One of my favorite shots from Death Valley. Definitely worth reposting. 

The redesign is more complete now. I've added an Australia gallery which is some of my earliest photography from before I tried to be slightly more serious about taking photos (I'm still not that serious, for the record). The home page has been changed, and I've been going through each gallery and getting rid of all the old watermarked stuff and generally trying to pick better photos and doing a little better editing on them. 

I'm also trying a different way of presenting each gallery. Go check it out and leave a comment about whether or not it's aesthetically interesting. 

The Power of Scheduled Posts

Making it easier to be consistent. 

This is from Death Valley in 2013.

More fun news, I'm working on yet another redesign! This one will include fancy new subscriber emails and hopefully a better-looking blog update email. Also, new subscribers will get a 40% off coupon to order any photo from this site (or even Instagram -- just paste a link from wherever you find my photos on the internet when you select that option in my online store).

Moving or: Kyle and Mike's Great American Roadtrip

A few weeks ago I drove across the country with my dad to move from Berkeley, CA to Pittsburgh, PA. As you can imagine with a 2600+ mile drive, some things happened. 

Most of America looks like this, but some of it doesn't have the hills, and some of it has more corn. 

If Gursky can get $4 million, why can't I?

Scenic Nevada. Co-Driver pictured in center left.

Woodland to Reno passes very quickly, but Reno to Salt Lake City takes forever, and feels even longer because there's no major city between the two. In fact, there's hardly anything at all. Lots of sad looking trailers, abandoned shacks, and some prisons. There was also a Sherwin-Williams paint factory. There was one thing that I've actually never seen before on my numerous drives through Nevada, and that was the Thunder Mountain Monument. It was fascinating to see, and somewhat disturbing at the same time because from a distance it appears to be constructed from bones and there were tons of humanoid figures. We passed too quickly for me to take any pictures, so you'll just have to check out the website. 

The vast nothingness of Nevada

More vast nothingness 

The approach to West Wendover.

This and Wendover Will were the two significant things in West Wendover.

The transition into Utah it actually quite striking because you go from sand and dirt to salt. Miles and miles of salt. 

We did not take the fork that leads off into the vast emptiness. 

Salt Lake City is really quite nice. 

It was smooth sailing all the way up to Salt Lake City, where we stopped for dinner around sunset. Afterwards, things got slightly less smooth as we crossed from Utah into Wyoming (which was my first time in that state). But I think that's a story for another time. 


I forgot to bring my flash drive with the edited shots from Korea, so here are some shots from India that I still haven't put up, or that have only been on Instagram. Or maybe I've put them up already and I just forgot. They aren't in any particular chronological order, or even from the same city. All shot on Moto X 2014.

If you guessed that this wood is for burning corpses, you are correct. If you're curious about what they look like while they're burning, why are you wondering that?

Kolkata airport I believe.

Breakfast in Agra the day of our departure. You might be able to see the Taj Mahal to the left in this panorama. 

Some breakfast we had in this cool resort mountain. We stayed in some old British colonial mansion which was extravagant and fancy, as you can probably tell by the picture. It was very nice and fancy and there wasn't any hot water in the shower so I got to wash off with buckets which I was actually quite fond of.