I Continue to Rant About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi was the worst movie I've ever seen. The writing was so bad. Also, I watched Bright on Netflix. Great movie. The critics are all wrong and were paid to write bad reviews."

I mean, seriously. Bright has comparatively good fan reviews compared to The Last Jedi. Just check out the screenshot below this image. Another entirely unscientific look at Rotten Tomatoes profiles that gave Bright good reviews shows that many of them are new profiles that have only reviewed Bright and Star Wars. I'm not sure if they're just trolling or for real, but if part of their bad review of The Last Jedi includes something like "disconnected Hollywood elite," it's entirely unclear what the reviewer is connected to that makes them think Bright is good and TLJ is bad. 

I think it's possible that "fan" reviewers are simply rating the exact opposite as the critics and then inventing reasons that they disagree and why the critics are wrong, much like Donald Trump is seemingly undoing anything and everything that happened during the Obama administration, regardless of its current or potential benefit. It's basically just a political show, and that's what it seems like a majority of bad TLJ reviews are. 

The extra confusing layer is that bad reviewers say TLJ is too liberal and political, and then go write another review say Bright was great. Bright, which you hopefully haven't seen (it's embarrassingly bad), is a movie with political commentary so lacking in nuance and making any new or interesting observations about race in America that it is part of why it's so bad. It's set in a world where they basically represent people of color as orcs, and wealthy white people as elves. It depicts extreme police violence towards the orcs, and shows that they experience disproportionate discrimination and poverty. One of the main characters is an orc that turns out to be a hero and the human main character learns to accept that they're not so different. 

Can anybody explain to me how TLJ is the worst movie ever because it's too political and progressive while Bright, which is overtly political somehow doesn't get the same criticism.