You Be the Judge

One of my favorite shots from Death Valley. Definitely worth reposting. 

The redesign is more complete now. I've added an Australia gallery which is some of my earliest photography from before I tried to be slightly more serious about taking photos (I'm still not that serious, for the record). The home page has been changed, and I've been going through each gallery and getting rid of all the old watermarked stuff and generally trying to pick better photos and doing a little better editing on them. 

I'm also trying a different way of presenting each gallery. Go check it out and leave a comment about whether or not it's aesthetically interesting. 

Unclear if Repost

It's been so long since I consistently blogged that I can't remember if I've already posted certain shots before. However, it doesn't really matter because having followed National Geographic on Instagram for a while, I know that even my favorite photographers repost some of the same images several times a year. 

This was part of a graduation photoshoot I did for a friend at Berkeley. He played the carillon while he was there so we did a shoot up in the tower and I was pretty happy with how it turned out considering portraits aren't typically my thing. 

Some Madness Required

This is a text heavy post, but it has multiple photos! Feel free to skip over the text. I know nobody besides my family really cares about what's going on in my life, but whatcha gonna do? The story laid out below simply serves as the context for all of the images. 

The last few days have been rather hectic. On Thursday, my first class was normal. Then I went to my second class, Yiddish in Theatre and Film, a history class. It was the final day of lecture, which meant it was time for our final project. There are only 9 people that are actually in the class, so instead of writing a big final paper, the class did a joint project at the insistence of our professor. He wanted us to do a Yiddish dance, so we came up with the choreography on Tuesday and then performed it on Friday. Our professor participated in the dance as well. The best part is that I think that ends up coming out to about 40% of our grade. So you know, there's that. Immediately after that, I headed over to rehearse for a scene that I was performing the next day. My scene partner was 30 minutes late, but whatever. We rehearsed for a bit and then I believe I headed over to the Campanile to do some portraits for a friend friend with the carillon. 

Fun side note about the portraits: This is the first time I've had the opportunity to really test out my new LED light panel and it works really well. Perhaps I'll do a review of it soon, but I just want to say that it's super helpful.

On we go. Friday morning, I left my place around 9:00 to head to class. It was fine and at the end, my professor said that she might put me on a Room 7 show in the Fall. After that, I went to my section where I was supposed to have a presentation but we ran out of time so I didn't have to go (hooray!). Then I went to rehearse my scene a final time, popped home for less than an hour to grab some equipment for later, and then went to my next class really early to get everything set up for the scene. The scene went fine, and immediately after class ended, I went to the next building over to run tech for a friend's a capella group. I shot this on the way home from that because I was also filming the show so I had my camera with me.

The next day, it was time for me to do photography for the 7th Annual Queer and Asian Conference at the request of a friend. I was there from 9:15 in the morning until 5:00 at which point I left to go do tech for the second night of the a capella show which ran until around 9:45. I stopped at home very briefly to drop off my gear and then I headed out to meet some people to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 at 10:30. It was pretty good. Much like the first film of the reboot, it was better than the previous Spiderman trilogy. Then I was offered the option of free food, so I naturally opted for that road which resulted in me staying up all night and re-watching Black Dynamite. I finally went to sleep on a couch at around 7:30am, and woke up at 11:45.

Lunch Line at QACON

At that point, I ate more free food, and then went home briefly to wash my face before I headed back to the Campanile to listen to my friend's final recital and then go check out the very tippity top of the tower. For whatever reason, I thought it would be super smart to run up the equivalent of ~20 stories of stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. On the plus side, we were exactly as fast as the elevator, on the down side, I very nearly fainted which was a new thing for me. Sleep before heavy physical exertion, kids. At least the top was worth it. If you ever happen to be up there after an end of semester recital and you see a ticket stub for The Amazing Spiderman 2, it's mine. 

Tip top of the Campanile

I got home around 5:30, finally thinking it was over. I cleaned up my place that had become a hideous mess over the last month of not being home much, I ate, and I sat down to do my take home final. After completing that, I started last night's episode of Game of Thrones (S04E05 for those in the future). I only got halfway through when I heard a knock on my door. From there, it turned into YouTube viewing, a video chat, and an unannounced free pizza delivery. At 3am, I finally laid down to sleep. 

Thus ends my tale. But before I depart, I shall leave you with a parting gift. It is fun, much like that other song by the same band that I put on my previous blog post. 

The Portrait of an Artist

It just looked like such a fun toy.

The following is me being a sore loser: 

I entered a photography contest about a month ago for a $2,000 prize and I lost. Cool, fine. Photography is very subjective and everyone has different tastes. Today I got an email from the prize office that the two winning photographers had their three pieces up for public viewing (if you're on campus at UC Berkeley, go to Wurster Hall and check out the board outside of the Ramona Cafe to see them). I figured I'd go check them out to see what the judges might have been looking for or how I could have been better. It turns out that I must have been mistaken about it being a photography contest because the second winning contestant basically just did a graphic design project with photos they presumably took. One of them was basically just a collage, and another had these glowing lines added in Photoshop or something. If I had know that we were allowed to basically just do a painting on top of the photos and create a collage of our best images, maybe things would have been different. 

My second mistake was nudes. The winning photographers both had nudes and I didn't because I forgot that the art world is mad about nudes.