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Today happens to be the 15th anniversary of the premiere of my favorite show. So what's there to love about Futurama? Why should you watch a 15 year old television program? Well, for one, it's set one thousand years in the future! There are robots, space ships, killbots, aliens, time travel, moon gators, space hobos, giant space bees, a reptilian space pope, hypnotoad, and the list goes on. It's crude, it's smart, it's touching, and it's funny. It's still hard for me to watch the episode Jurassic Bark because of the ending. 

This is a show that dares to dream, and it dares us to dream with it. Every episode is a new adventure. You never know if you'll end up in another universe with the Planet Express crew, or if they'll be fighting against a gigantic robotic President Nixon on Earth. They even visited the inside of the sun once (apartments are pretty expensive on the sun, apparently) to rescue some miners. 

So happy 15th birthday, Futurama. My advice to you is watch it if you haven't already. I know, I know. It's a cartoon, and cartoons are for kids, but it's really good stuff. I promise, you won't be disappointed. 

Watch Futurama. You must obey. All glory to the Hypnotoad.

Watch Futurama. You must obey. All glory to the Hypnotoad.

Rough Draft of a Street View Time Lapse

A few weeks ago I started working on this thing, but I was interrupted by work, school, projects, and a show. This is basically all I've completed so far and it's in a very rough state, but I wanted to give a preview of it. Why did I use Street View imagery you might be asking? Well, for one, I'm too lazy to find somebody to drive me around San Francisco all day. I also saw some other person do one of these some time back and I was inspired to do my own. Of course, his was much better, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? Also, I feel like maybe recycling Street View imagery into something other than its intended purpose is artistic or something. Right? ........ Right?

Also, can you tell I still haven't gone out shooting? It's pitiful. 

The Music Video

The other day, I got a call right as I was getting off of work at 11 pm requesting that I bring my fancy camera along to shoot a music video. I naturally agreed because I don't get a lot of opportunities to film stuff.  I also did something I've never done before for video (but that I have done for photography). Manual white balancing. What did I discover from doing it manually? You really should listen when the pros tell you that it's a necessity to manually white balance your camera. It made the biggest difference when I was doing color correction in post, and I personally think it's the best I've ever done with video color correction because I took the extra 20 seconds to manually set the white balance. Anyhow, here's a picture that I shot while filming. 

Such art. 

And now here's a music video, featuring Gigi on the vocals, and Shelby on the ukulele. I kind of edited it all pretty quickly and I admit I did a pretty bad job on the audio mixing, but oh well. Next time I'll do better.

Inside the ARF

My archaeology section took place in the Archaeological Research Facility today. That picture is looking up from an interior courtyard which I guess used to be an exterior courtyard when the building was a frat house way back in the day. Now they have a nice glass roof over it and have an artificial dig site set up in there for students. This is another shot from my Nexus 4 because I don't really carry my big ol' Nikon to class.

Telegraph - 66th to Dwight

So this is me pretending to be an artist. I spent a little while walking down Telegraph from 66th Street to Dwight Way. I would like to have gone all the way to Bancroft, but it was awkward enough for me to take all of the pictures I did on the sparsely populated sidewalks between 66th and Dwight. Initially I had hoped to take a long enough panorama that I could split it up and stack it into segments that were so small that you couldn't actually distinguish anything. Maybe next time. If you want to go through it in order, it starts at the top right and goes to the bottom left. 

I also created this short video because I figured that if I had a sequence of perfectly aligned photos, I might as well make a nice journey down Telegraph out of it. Sooooo.... here is is? 


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