I recently saw a video on YouTube of ink drops being filmed in 4K (Here's a link, because it's really amazing). I thought it was really awesome so I figured I'd try shooting some pictures and video of ink drops in water for myself. My first attempt didn't turn out particularly well; not enough light, an improper background, the cup was too small, bad focus, etc. An example:

My second shot didn't turn out any better. In fact, it was worse. There wasn't a single photo that turned out well enough so I just deleted them. I was happy with the way my third day of shooting turned out, so I made a little video and edited a few of the shots. It's a really fascinating thing to me, as no shot is ever the same, and it's quite fun to watch the patterns that are created.

If you'd like to do this sort of thing yourself, I used a television screen with a white image as the background for a smooth and even back as well as the light it added. It's also recommended that you use cold water, as the ink travels more slowly through cold water. Additionally, a little bit of milk supposedly makes the ink more vibrant. I didn't really try that, but it was a tip I found online. 

I think that I'll pick up more colors before I try shooting again. Green, yellow, and blue are great and all, but more variety would be nice.