Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

Instead of a photo a day thing today, I'm going to post a bunch from Hardly Strictly. Everybody rocked it: 

Day 1

I'll bet he was at Woodstock too

Visibility was low

The bacon-hotdog man rocked

That bus does not look like it rocked, if I'm being honest

The contrast between empty and full

Day 2 

 So kind of a lot of people wanted to see Steve

Those geese rocked it

 He really rocked the banjo

The Devil Makes Three really rocked


These two were rockin' it as well

Even that plane was rockin' it

This kid was certainly rockin'

Gogol Bordello threw a party, of course

A drone filming the concert/rockin'

And of course, earth rocked it

Hardly Strictly is a whole lot of fun. If you like music festivals (that are free), and you like San Francisco, it's absolutely the place for you. A funny side note about the drone that was recording the concert. Some people around me were complaining about privacy concerns and generally being paranoid about the drone's presence as they took pictures of strangers around them with their iPhones.  

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