Backpacking in Inyo National Forest

One of my favorite hobbies is backpacking. Getting away from all of the stresses and hassles of life for a few days is fantastic, and it's also pretty nice that you can pee pretty much anywhere. This past summer, I went to Inyo National Forest down in Southern California for a few days and it was wonderful. The first thousand feet of the climb felt pretty normal but as soon as we got over a pass in the mountains, a large and beautiful basin greeted us. The area we were in had a huge number of lakes and was entirely surrounded by a very diverse array of mountains. Our second to last day of hiking was actually entirely cross country (no trail), and saw us essentially rock climbing over a mountain. It actually took over an hour for us to decide to climb it. At first it looked impossible, and while my companions looked for a way around the mountain, I decided I'd have a closer look. My closer look turned into me scaling the whole thing to see if it was possible, and then coming back down to give the good news. Then we all climbed it and were rewarded at the top by a fantastic view of the area we had just come from as well as the area we were going to. 

If you enjoy backpacking, I highly recommend this wilderness area. You won't be disappointed. Well... if you plan on swimming in any of the lakes you'll be disappointed, but otherwise, it's fantastic.