Hey, I'm Kyle.  

I know you don't believe me, but I swear I'm not picking my nose.

I know you don't believe me, but I swear I'm not picking my nose.

Who's that handsome young man in that picture over there? Why, it's me! I'm Kyle Cameron and this is my nifty website. I'm a college student, majoring in the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance at UC Berkeley. As you've probably gathered from this website, one of my favorite hobbies is photography. I've decided to take that hobby a little further and I'm trying to sell some of my work.

I've been shooting photos for a number of years now. My passion started when my family took a trip to Australia after my sister was invited to play on a baseball team there. All I had then was an old Nikon film camera, and I had a pretty limited amount of film. Unfortunately, I didn't really get to take as many quality pictures as I'd have like to down there, but some day, I'll go back with my DSLR and shoot some quality stuff. After Australia, I took a photography class and learned to develop film, as well as learning the basic techniques of photography and editing. Soon after, I got my first DSLR and I started shooting like mad. I carried that thing everywhere, and it survived quite a lot of abuse. These days, I carry a Nikon D7000 and I love it. 

I don't really constrain myself to a single style of photography, as you can see from my gallery. I'm a big fan of HDR and I've been working on that style for a couple of years now, but recently I've started trying to work on Infrared photos. I think the style is very interesting and I hope that I can continue to develop my skill in that area.

Well, enough about me. I encourage you to peruse the gallery and I really hope you enjoy what you see! If you like it enough, you could even buy a print! There's a 100% chance I'll appreciate you a lot for buying a print, it's all going towards college. And if you like my work but you can't afford to buy a print, click the Facebook link below and like my photography page there, and then tell your friends to do the same. It's good, for me and easy for you! Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy!

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